Greg Hunt's delay on vaping is not acceptable!

Greg Hunt's delay on vaping is not acceptable!

Vapers we need your help!

Information revealed in the Senate this week is the first detail made public since the ANU vaping study was commissioned last year and it has transpired that our Health Minister Greg Hunt did not even provide any terms of reference to the ANU before granting them the $750,000 to undertake the study.

Yes, we believe that Greg Hunt's vape study delay is designed to kill off vaping (and kill Australian smokers)!

A two-year wait until an Australian National University (ANU) scientific study into vaping is completed which may lead to a change in government policy could see at least 38,000 Australians die unnecessarily.

Legalise Vaping Australia Campaign Director Brian Marlow said instead of waiting for two years and 38,000 deaths to complete yet another review of the evidence, Australia could follow virtually every other advanced nation and legalise vaping today and save lives immediately.

“The evidence is clear – vaping is 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes and is proven to be an effective smoking cessation tool. Further, there is no compelling evidence that vaping is a pathway to traditional tobacco use.

“How many Australians is Greg Hunt prepared to see die while he dithers, delays and deliberately frustrates progress on vaping?

“Is Greg Hunt seriously that addicted to the $17 billion in tobacco excise that he is prepared to see people die rather than introduce a proven harm reduced alternative to burnt tobacco products?"

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